Cooking With Mum’s Magic: Poppin’ Pumpkin

“Feeling overwhelmed”. + “Now excited”. + “Just hit glee”. + “Oh No!… That¬†sinking feeling”. + “That was a close¬†burn”. + “Deep food aroma breathing underway”. + “It’s all coming together”. + “Yes! It looks just about right”. + “There. Nailed it”.+ “What an absolute beauty”.+ “Spooned and down the mouth”.= This absolutely gorgeous looking, wonderful smelling, pumpkin cooked in mustard oil, fenugreek seeds, jaggery, and mum’s magic, makes me beyond happy. Someone give me a gold star. Not being dramatic. I promise–this is how it exactly played out. Food, especially mum’s food is comfort, it’s coming home, traipsing familiarity. I … Continue reading Cooking With Mum’s Magic: Poppin’ Pumpkin