#SoundCheck | 10 Sounds To Tap To On SoundCloud


By Pratishtha Dobhal


“Without music, life would be a mistake.”  Friedrich Nietzsche


In a world where everything quickly becomes a commodity and “true” artists often become a minority, celebrating origin story can often lend a fresh perspective to things.

A decade after SoundCloud burst into the scene giving stiff competition to MySpace, positioning itself as a truly collaborative space where musicians could freely share their work, the online audio distribution platform based out of Germany is in trouble. Recent reports of lay-offs and mismanagement that emerged last month, made us grieve the potential loss of a free space whose inception was dotted with ingenuity.

While founder and CEO, Alexander Ljung is presumably busy trying to figure out ways of keeping the company afloat, even as some users have already started to give the platform the boot, it’s important to revisit the miscalculation and the counter attack that could have triggered the downfall in April, 2014.
A user named “Sir Bizzle” posted a track titled “We Were Born For This” on SoundCloud which listeners quickly assumed was Justin Bieber, sans any embellishments on the raw acoustic upload. SoundCloud panicked thinking it was an imposter, flagging the profile and taking the song down. When Bieber himself sent a selfie with a notepad greeting the employees, the song was up again, followed by a take-down notice by Bieber’s label, Island Def Jam Music Group, followed yet again by retracting of the notice when the label realised Bieber himself had posted the song.

Yes, severely presumptuous given the genesis of the platform.

Fast-forward 2017, even though things look grim at SoundCloud, we hope the company can find ways of getting itself out of the debt-mess it now finds itself in. We, on the other hand, continue to pledge allegiance to pushing out unique and engaging content, in music and life.

Tap to these 10 Sounds on SoundCloud we loved and can’t seem to get enough of.

1.  Bryan John Appleby – “Honey Jars”

If you are in the mood for indie-folk, singer/songwriter from Seattle could be the souncheck you need. Check more of his lineup on site



2. Walter Martin – “Sing To Me” feat. Karen O

Songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, known for his work with rock n’ roll bands “The Walkmen”, Martin launched his solo career in 2014. More here




3. James UHart – “JTrio”

French/British pianist and composer, this jazz is all that jazz and a whole lot more




4. Stu Larsen – “Thirteen Sad Farewells”

So much heart in his music and lyrics, “Thirteen Sad Farewells” lifts you from the paroxysm of heartbreak, rhythm after beat. Hit him up here for more



5. Ykiki Beat – “Forever”

The five piece Indie-pop band from Tokyo makes an upbeat case for throwback to the 90s fluidity often found missing in the new fleet of musicians dropping beats daily.




6. Bighoo – “Drones”

Scoured the web without getting much on Bighoo (no pun uninteded). This piece finds its place here for the momentous loop and build up to something MAJOR. OST ready?



7. Dom Robinson – “Casey”

The template of haunting melody will propel your search for more from this Yorkshire native. We promise.




8. Motopony – “Wait For Me”

While you won’t find any uploads on SoundCloud by this Seattle based band, the indi rock/alternative stream of music will compels you to plug in and play




9. Twice Young – “Slow Down”

Lyrics meets well-pieced-together composition, meets brill. Find more about the band “destined to be a cult sensation” according to Entertainment Weekly. Currently being played on loop somewhere in New Delhi, India 😉





10. Martin Herzbeg – “Und Allis Wird Blau”

Melancholic, yet powerful for the well arched lifts the piano work is for dreamers and believers. Giving some love to the artist was a no-brainer.








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