10 Short Documentaries To Watch Via Facebook Right Now | #Perspectives


By Pratishtha Dobhal

You are bound to come across a lot of collective narratives on Facebook every time you log in. From the everyday activists on your newsfeed, to the ‘Me, Myself, and My Selfie’ propaganda pushers, everyone wants their inch of ‘What’s On Your Mind’.

You create you own truth, the minute you choose.

Here, we’ve handpicked inspiring content that allows you to travel and widen your perspective with each watch.

Sit back, raise your gadget, and stay glued if you are looking to get inspired in a million different ways 😉

Statutory warning: Age, religion, gender, and sex no bar

1. Muhammad Is 110. His wife, Ashraf, is 100| CBC short


2. Stolen Dentures | Airbnb short



3. The Muxes Of Mexico | NOWNESS short


4. The Defiant Dancer, Comedian, and Father | BBC Stories

5. Skater Girl | 60 Second Docs


6. Masih Alinjad | Now This


7. Blood Drone | Vocativ Films

8. Public Wifi | Vice

9. Ricky Gervais On Religion | Ricky Gervais

10. Mumbai Locals | Scroll


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