#InReview – Rectify | Binge On This

By Dr Deth

The fourth and final season of the Sundance TV original (first-of-its-kind) series Rectify came to its conclusion almost as 2016 drew to its own. The final season received a stellar rating of 99/100 on Metascore – a definite byproduct of the number of people who know of its existence. And by that I am hinting at a very slim number.
Probably one of the most under-viewed shows in recent times, Rectify is a glimmer of real substance amidst a sea of derivative, formula based drivel.
Casual Googlers will point out that the plot of a wrongly convicted man on death row has been overdone. However, shows like Making a Murderer owe their huge success to brilliant documentation of an extremely compelling story.

Still, ‘Rectify‘ is unique.

The first season opens with Daniel Holden (played by Aden Young) set free after a 18 year sentence. No frills, thrilling lawyer stunts or courtroom drama are involved in the act of freeing our captive protagonist. Instead, it focuses on the family as it gets ready to receive Mr. Holden.
Soon enough, personal demons and differently messed up characters in the family take centerpiece in this riveting and heartfelt tale.

The stars of the series remain Daniel Holden, and his sister, Amantha (played by the extremely talented Abigail Spencer). Although one can clearly empathise with Daniel’s horrific tryst with destiny, Amantha’s journey also remains deeply tumultuous. She spends her entire life consumed by the quest for Daniel’s freedom.

Mini plots meandering through Daniels’ understandably unhinged mind and being united by blood-ties remain the core of the show.
If you like a ton of misfortune in your tale and barrels of underrated performances hitting the damaged tethers of your heart, then do yourself a favor – cleanse and ‘Rectify‘ your soul.


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