#WatchNow – Dark Net | Hello From The Other Side

By Pratishtha Dobhal

Imagine that the deepest recesses of your mind manufactures fantastical stories you thought were possible only in science-fiction… and then suddenly, one fine day, you stumble upon them in reality.

What this brush with the imagined unknown will force you to do is change your own digital UI as you find yourself to be data that can be used, abused and sold.

The eight part docu series on Showtime, ‘Dark Net‘, currently in its second season is precisely that – a dystopian window to a possibility you saw in Black Mirror, now unraveling itself as stark and horrifying reality in an extremely digitized world.



A product of Vocativ Films, the incredible data mining techniques used in presenting stories from the deepest corners of the web compel you to stay completely engaged and transfixed, from the trailer to the episode.

The first season focuses on a broad and provocative litany of authentic stories emerging out of our complex and increasingly dysfunctional relationship with technology. By the second season, one realizes you can soon become the story as you witness the incredible stronghold communities (both negative and positive) have online. Whatever your vice or virtue, there is a home for virtually everything online.

Sample some of these actualities:

  • Have you met the Swedish biohacker who hacked his body to speak the language of machines?
  • A hacker sends you pictures of you and your boyfriend asleep in your bed taken from your laptop’s camera while watching a movie. What do you do?
  • Sex doll designed to make you fall in love? All here.
  • Cashless future = surveillance nightmare
  • Think an artificially intelligent chat bot can replace you? Think again

Created by Israeli businessman Mati Kochavi, even though ‘Dark Net‘ has started to just scratch the surface in populating stories not available on popular search engines, the series forces you to question the digital footprint you leave behind every time you sign up to an exciting and seemingly harmless online proposition.

Until the next review and recommendation – stay digitally/virtually safe.

And if your curiosity is piqued, know a little more about the other side of the internet with an elementary introduction video below:










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