#ChrisCornell | You Know His Name


By Dr Deth

Chris Cornell’s untimely and sudden demise has left his loved ones and fans devastated.
Most of us are seeking solace in the connection that we‘ve always shared with the amazingly talented man – his incredible songs.
Chris leaves behind a legacy of a unique, instantly identifiable voice and a commendable variety of themes in the stories he has woven over close to three-and-a-half-decades.

Scores of vocalists have sounded like his grunge peers – Kurt Cobain and Eddie Vedder have had too many clones to name, while Layne Staley has somehow been replaced by William Duvall and the ever present backing cum lead vocals of Jerry Cantrell.
However, Chris Cornell’s 4 octave vocal range and vocal prowess has remained inimitable, elevated every single time by the ingenuity of his songwriting.

Here’s remembering his incredible talent as a song writer and our selection of the greatest Chris Cornell lyrics.



  1. The Day I Tried to Live


As soon as the intro to this song kicks in, you know you’re in for something special on this hauntingly depressing track.


2. Black Hole Sun


Soundgarden’s most successful and instantly recognizable song is riddled with amazing poetry throughout – the last line of this song will lovingly, albeit sorely remind the fans of Chris’ vocal wizardry.


3. Fell On Black Days



The opening lines of the song sums up the travails of a depressed soul.


4. Be Yourself



An ordinary person would say, ‘There are two kinds of people in this world’. On ‘Be yourself’, Cornell weaves various such contrasting studies with vivid metaphors.


5. Nearly Forgot My Broken Heart



As a lover torn, on the intriguing title ‘Nearly Forgot My Broken Heart’, Chris had a different style of saying, ‘You Give Love A Bad Name’.


6. Like A Stone




There are scores of vocalists who can make light of emotion and deliver depressing material in ways that would probably ease the listener’s pain. Chris Cornell, on the other hand had a gift of transforming the saddest tales into something even sadder, if that’s possible. Life comes with no sugar coating.


7. I Am The Highway




Audioslave might not have had the weird time signatures and dissonant genius riffage of Soundgarden, but Chris continued writing as always. I was in a dilemma over the line that said ‘Friends And Liars Don’t Wait For Me‘ and the following gem off ‘I Am The Highway’.


8. The Promise



The most recent inclusion on this list has Chris penning ‘The Promise’ for a war movie of the same name.


9. Doesn’t Remind Me



An underrated Audioslave single, ‘Doesn’t Remind Me’ didn’t just have a fantastic music video and amazing musicianship from the band, but poetry throughout the song that is pure gold.


10. Your Time Has Come



To sum it all up, Chris Cornell’s lines on ‘Your Time Has Come’ seem apt.



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