Edge Of Summer | March 2025

By Pratishtha Dobhal

6:00 am

Kanya keeps her eyes closed.

The sound of the alarm slowly fades away into a solitary moment with herself. She concentrates on her breathing.

One… Two… Three…

As a child she would build her own timeline of rules. Give her breathing in and breathing out their respective set of 60 seconds before getting ready for school.
Time was a luxury and every Monday was a test in IRL

“Hope you are doing alright my alma mater of industrial education, dear darling Dipsy School — you trained me well :|” Kanya exclaims out aloud to no one but herself…


Old habits died hard.
So what if this was the silver year of the new millennium, your random access memories were enough to keep you sane. The sanctum of 2-minute-disorder punctuated her life from 13 to now 30.


6:02 am

She needed to get up. Never from the right side of the bed, always the left… it was a matter of the heart afterall… and you had to be careful about these things.

20 minutes for getting showered, changed and dressed.
She’d been warned her social following wasn’t moving. And was told to give her social feed four-posts-a-day boost to get that incentive.

Failure to conform was not an option.
McQueen Dress – check;
Supreme Sneaks – check;
Social blast – check;
Hashtag – #OOTD
(check on all)

EQ (Emoji Quotient) rating as of 6:22 am – Angry

“Fuck!” – Kanya screamed.

She needed to take those EQ pacifiers her therapist had recommended to stabilise her mood before  work. Every second mattered, and she didn’t even have a nano to spare.

“Have got to find it.”

Kanya accesses her RAM again and picks out Kish Book – ‘Kish removing a stray strand from her face and kissing her lips… ever so gently and slyly slipping in… ‘I love you’.

10 seconds of relief.  And now nothing.

Irritated, she walks towards the booth at the foot of her bed and sinks into its confines.


6:24 am

The EQ pacifier still hadn’t kicked in. She could now really feel anxiety stretch through every nerve of her body.

This wasn’t good… the division wouldn’t be pleased.

“Stick to the chapters,” Kanya reminds herself.

Of course… All this didn’t matter now — the command had been synced, she had entered.


BoothVRX25 closes.

Kanya opens her eyes into the VR feed

__Tokyo__  VRFBLiveStream: ‘Harajuku Fahion drops temp control SS 25 collection’

__Mumbai __ VRFBLiveStream: ‘Cluster Fucking? Find out more’

__Michigan__ VRFBLiveStream: ‘Michigan Women’s Football slam dunk contest’

__Damascus__ VRFBLiveStream: ‘New City Celebrates…’

__Delhi__ VRFBLiveStream: Current Count: 100

She blinks hard as Delhi appears on her feed

 – Kanya is IN –

Broadcasting in 10, 9, 8, 7…


6:30 am


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