Loomissile: Guitar Hero Jeff Loomis Live In Delhi


By Dr Deth

Jeff Loomis, the American guitar virtuoso, concluded his tour of India last night when he played in front of a rabid throng of fans at Antisocial, Hauz Khas in New Delhi.

The rather tiny venue was full to the brim with guitar enthusiasts who were primed well by two Indian opening acts – Godless and Against Evil.

image 1.jpg

Godless mesmerized the crowd with their machine-like precision, boundless energy, guttural death metal vocals and riff heavy music with intriguing song titles. The vocalist for my band belts out death metal vocals with authority complained that he couldn’t make out a word. Well, it ain’t death metal if you can make out even an alphabet out of their songs or even the logo, is it?

image 2.jpg
Case In Point

Against Evil have the traditional melodic power metal thing going for them. The band has quite an appealing comic book font for their logo. Their new single is called ‘Stand up and fight’ and that’s what you sort of had to do as soon as Jeff Loomis started ripping away on his 7 stringed machine.


         As the frenzied horde pushed and shoved for a closer look at the lightning fast fretwork, I gasped for air. 


     The man, undoubtedly, has had an extremely diverse career trajectory.

He has come a long way from the precocious 16 year old who auditioned for the coveted lead guitarist spot for the iconic thrash metal band Megadeth, circa 1988. Dave Mustaine told him that he’d go on to become a great guitarist, and as fate has chord-ed it, he has graduated on to become a legend. Through his countless solo endeavors to his phenomenal work in Nevermore, he has recently found a fantastic spot as the lead guitarist for Arch Enemy. The icon’s legacy is safe in the world of metal

 While we couldn’t get a quick word in with Jeff we are grateful for the emotive melodic lines to have sufficed, sans vocals.

Need I remind you that he did exactly what he set out to in the Delhi edition from last night:

He came,

he shredded,

he conquered our dystopia.


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