OnePlus 2: Camera Review

By Dr Dushyant

After the meteoric success of OnePlus 1, the OnePlus 2, aka ‘flagship killer’ had a lot of people excited. And with good reason! At almost half the cost of widely sought-after premium phones, OnePlus2 promised powerhouse performance without burning a hole in your pocket.
We’ve put the OnePlus2 camera to test and posted the verdict below.

OnePlus 2 Features:

13 MP, 4128 x 3096 pixels,
Optical image stabilization,
Laser auto-focus,
Dual-LED flash,
1/2.6-inch sensor.

The OnePlus 1 featured the Sony IMX214 image sensor (another 13-megapixel chip) which was a relatively small, 1.1-micron pixel pitch; while the larger sensor (allegedly, an OmniVision sensor) on the new OnePlus 2 allows for bigger, 1.3-micron pixels.

  • FOCUS:
    In our review of OnePlus 1s camera we had mentioned how stills were out-of-focus/blurred far too frequently. That issue however seems to be resolved now that OIS has been incorporated. Add to this the laser auto-focus, and top-of-the-line processor and you know you have a beast at your disposal.

    Indoor result

    Low-light images clicked by the OnePlus2 are hard to beat, and make it pretty clear that there won’t be many smartphone cams that’d out-do this beauty. The ISO cranks up high on some of the images ( I got 5481 in one), while retaining appreciable detail and displaying minimal noise. It also manages to handle indoor lighting with aplomb. Win-win all the way to the gallery 🙂

    Low-light result

At the price segment (25,999 INR; Invite only), the OnePlus2 is sensible and accommodates quite a lot. The only  glaring ‘flaw’ in the earlier, hugely popular version has been improved upon vastly.

We give it a 4 star (****) rating  for superior performance and a distinctive quality difference in camera performance.

(feat.image courtesy OnePlus2)


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