The #love list of movies from #cannes2015 I can’t wait to watch.

By Pratishtha Dobhal


Exploring love, sex, and relationship in its diabolical, complex, and unpredictable form, here’s a little synopsis of the films I dream of watching as soon as I get my torrent, subscription, or stream on!

The Lobster


Directed by Yorgo Slanthimos starring Colin Farrell and Rachel Weisz, The Lobster, set in the dystopian, warped future gives 45 days to singles to find a mate before they are turned into animals and set free in the woods. Why wouldn’t I want to watch it?

And while I am it, why wouldn’t I want to watch this too?






Directed by Gaspar Noe, expect no-holds-barred sexual screen steam, sizzle, and [let’sjust got for it I guess]…toast. Story of a love fest between a boy, girl, and well…a girl, I am already thinking Jean Jacques Annaud’s 1992 classic, ‘The Lover’, millenial style. Let’s see it in 3d?;)


Irrational Man:


How can Woody Allen not be a predictable slot junkie on a love list? Joaquin Phoenix and Emma Stone starring films’ synopsis doesn’t read like Woody’s best work but it’ll be fun to watch a pre-historics genius interpreted in current day economics and sociology. Too cerebral I guess even for Woody. Perhaps it’ll be stating the obvious. Judge for yourself with this brief synopsis of the film: Story of professor, drifting and finding himself :I




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