Facebook: The Degeneration is Disappointing–What happened with Aran Khanna?

By Pratishtha Dobhal


Dear Mark Zuckerberg,

With increasing speed and accuracy Facebook is becoming a dictatorship, swiftly moving away from its carefully harvested image of a egalitarian social network.

The premise which dictated its initial run seems to be long forgotten in chasing greens.
While there is so much this place has given all of us and while I continue to warm up to its overwhelming positives, this gawker piece is a big blow.
The right to our ‘personal’ information we’ve trustingly handed over to your millenial baby is under threat. I am sure you don’t want to become a ‘corporate network’. I certainly hope you defined what kind of social network you wanted to be in the first place.
When Ello guarantees the right to privacy, I can feel my loyalties changing, especially on account of what’s come in the news.
There is nothing to be proud of in that non linear approach because you defy the very heart that has drawn so many people from all walks of life, and made a free place to voice (in non violent moderation).
It’s a breach of trust to not ensure that ‘us’– the continued user–turns skeptic.
I hope that a company or ‘idea house’ finds the intern, Facebook (you), so abruptly outed as a valuable brain (in your case an asset).

I fear for you. Get your act together.


For those wanting to read the report:


For those interested in hiring the fired intern find the attachment below.



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