The Extraordinary Khada Ling Baba: The Coming Alive of Naked Baba Performing Penis Tricks

naked baba who does penis tricks

By Pratishtha Dobhal


Turns out there is a phallus which defies all logic and has me off the penis for sometime now.

So the story is my brother recently went on a tour to Varanasi. What he saw there made no sense to me. I asked him, “Seriously, M you are not for real. Nothing like what you are describing it to be can ever be real.” Thank the lord M felt like I was doubting the credibility of what he was telling me. Frustrated while we ate fresh salad, lettuce, tomatoes, with unprocessed, fresh off the Heathrow airport cheese for company did I quiz, “ M, show me evidence for the man who goes above and beyond the 18 inch myth!” Before I knew it M was looking for the video. In a matter of minutes I was staring straight into the video of an old man, covered in ashes, with a stick attached to his penis. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, hence this abstract ridden monologue. “

So there you had it, this anime of Japans’ fantasy alive, and breathing. He was for real, or something about him was seemingly real. I needed more evidence. Speculative and judgmental of most that I see, I knew this was it. I needed to really know that M wasn’t the first one to spot this insanity in a capsule of time. I urged him to look for the video, or likes of it on youtube.

V, is expressing probably shock and wonder at what the hell we are talking about. She’s British so the myth of the saints of Varanasi is too exotic and surreal to her world. For majority of Indians, anything is possible. We swim so lovingly in the juxtaposition of fantasy, reality, and mythology that everything is ridden with spirituality and magic of the underdog.
It’s not the mathematics or skepticism that clouds her judgement. It’s the sheer audacity of what perhaps is infront of her that messes with her eyes. I don’t know about V. But I certainly feel that we are going to look, and not just breezing-ly look, but look beyond this very choppy footage.  I sat a little afar, sans judgement, and paused.

Paused like moving picture, judging and wondering whether this was really seeing the impossible.

M fidgeted, and continued to look for the video.

Then, the mythology of my world’s truth came alive.

Evidence of the Aforementioned—

So there, I had it!

Right before my eyes.

And now before yours.

While I am thinking of science and elasticity. M talks of my vary questioning of this miracle we just saw, Of course it’s a miracle. The very genesis of miracle is deeply rooted in the possibility of the extraordinary. And yes, this was extra-ordinary. However, I find reasons to question, not just reduce it to the respect which I must bestow  upon this miracle of elasticity. I am reprimanded severely.

“Stop thinking like this or you shall be cursed”–M warns. I, for obvious reasons, roll my eyes, in attack mode. “What the f#**#? How dare you say my questioning his ability to do that is equivalent to be questioning the spirituality and work behind that?”

M laments, but I stand firm on this hypocrisy. It makes me step out of our shells of belief. Be an observer of truth, than a participant in it. Why should I accept how someone sees today, when the history of it may be totally different. Perhaps the kumb ka mela and the baba and sadhu miracles which flood the ghats are actually a celebration of sheer absolute dedication and hardwork. Perhaps it’s a consortium of examples. Of the privilege you gain out of belief and spirituality.

Perhaps it’s time for most of us to concede that with the belief, and the absolute faith in your ability to exceed can you truly exceed. The story of the extraordinary; the naked babas/spiritualists/gururs/ saints/sages of the ghats of benaras and the grounds of kumbh fill me with humility and subservient sadness. Humility that I undervalue their incessant, inherent virtue that exemplifies discipline and hardwork. Sadness, at my disability to believe and celebrate even the otherwise ordinary. True this superhuman penis elasticity may not save the world. But in this age of Kim Kardashians and ‘stumble-upon’ sex tapes and PR, there are ordinary wonders that deserve their youtube of fame.


4 thoughts on “The Extraordinary Khada Ling Baba: The Coming Alive of Naked Baba Performing Penis Tricks

  1. I was reading the article with eyes half shut out of fear of a springy cobra like phlallus going “boing” in my face .
    But felt comforting to read about things no one writes about,especially the aspect of spirituality and mystery annexed to it all..

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